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J A Crawshaw Author


Author of contemporary women's fiction with adventure, romance and spice.

I write from my heart to get to yours. Passionate, page-turning love stories, with twists and turns. 


Some say, I'm possibly, the worlds most unlikely author!

Struggling with dyslexia all my life, I had never read a book, before writing my first novel The Swing at the age of 50. At school, I was told I was thick and a no-hoper. It confused me, as I felt the opposite and my confidence was shattered. As a result, I avoided words, reading and literature as much as I could and developed a career working with trees.

Waking in the middle of the night around my 50th birthday, I began writing poetry and I was shocked at how much fun it was. It was only when I embarked on writing the novel, I realised, I had probably always had a talent for writing, but was scared to discover it.

Today, I am free from the dyslexic shackles and free to express myself with the books I write.



Many people ask me why I chose to write women's fiction & romance? My straightforward answer is, I didn't. It chose me.


I'm inspired by life and the many possibilities available to us. My Grandparents died within days of each other at the ages of 100 & 97. They had been married for 74 years and loved each other, hated each other, but couldn't live without each other. I realised that romance is life itself! 

I also write what comes naturally to me. My passion for life and interest in people fascinate me.

Romance is exciting with highs, lows, challenges and joys. Who enjoys reading romance where everything runs smoothly? 

That doesn't happen in my books.

Happy reading!

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Feel free to email me with any questions about my author journey, books, what inspires me and look out for my upcoming events where you can talk to me in person.


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A chance to escape mundane domesticity and help her best friend cope with an abusive relationship was not too much to ask. 

Surprisingly, The Art Group rekindles not only her creative spark, but allows her to question her own life and happiness. A sensual foray into creative expression, through textures, light and unexpected desire, every brushstroke teases her innermost feelings and opens a world of excitement and passion.

Embarking on a journey of truth, empowerment and intense connection, she must navigate the difficult choice between following her heart and staying true to her commitments. Will she blur the lines between emotional freedom and reality or risk everything for a chance of true love? 

Join the Art Group today and discover a mixed palette of secrets, lies and dilemmas among playful, evocative, and liberating creativity.


Eagerly await a sequel

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 27 November 2022

A beautifully written love story and great first novel by J A Crawshaw.

I was completely invested in the characters and their dating journey with a roller coaster of emotions all the way to the last page.

Page turner!

Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on 17 July 2022

I loved this book! It’s fast paced and I was invested in the characters. The story takes you on a journey through all of the emotions and the ending leaves you wanting more. A well told story that keeps you turning pages. I

All5 Together.png

Fantastic 10 out of 10

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 20 November 2022

Had me hooked from the first chapter.

Fantastic story of true love against all the odds, this book had it all passion betrayal love a gripping end that has only left me wanting more.

A sequel please.


Defeated dyslexia and writes from the heart! Must read! 

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on 18 March 2023

So glad I read this as it’s engaging, funny, heartfelt and genuine! I often found myself laughing out loud as the author has a way of describing his awkward experiences in a very detailed yet simplistic way. A way that was easy for a non-reader adult ADHD type like myself to relate to and easily follow along. I recommend this book to any compassionate soul (especially if you know struggle with dyslexia or distraction) to learn about one persons struggles and how he was able to completely turn it around. The fact that this author was/is dyslexic blows my mind…it really is a good read and I look forward to reading more from him.

Contemporary Romance




Discover Your Creative Passion.

A novella of unexpected love and dilemmas.

J A Crawshaw writing

smutty romance


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Take a deeper look into the places and people that inspired my writing. My YouTube channel has interesting information shared nowhere else.


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