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The Void Between Words

A lifetime of being different
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The Void Between Words



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My Story

Born in Yorkshire UK in 1969, I have battled with dyslexia all my life. It took me to the brink of despair and yet, surprisingly, became my greatest gift.

I've learned to find the joy in words and the wonder of literature and to my complete surprise, at the age of 50, I wrote a fictional novel, 'The Swing'. Due to be published in 2021, it is preceded by my moving and funny memoir, 'The Void Between Words'. The story is of my struggle with reading and writing and how I overcame my greatest fear to become an author.

​My passion for the natural world and a close affinity with trees, especially, has inspired my writing in many ways and has given me the courage to entertain and, hopefully, inspire others.


I hope you enjoy my books.

My Books

Being humiliated in front of class as a young boy in the 1970’s, is something I can never forget. Branded a no-hoper with little to offer, I was destined for the scrapheap. Academic failure, and a debilitating fear of words and learning, devastated my self-worth and confidence.


Join me and gain access to the void between words. My memoir delves deep into a world where it was easier to escape the pressures of life and suppress my individuality, wallow in the mire of insecurity and become imprisoned without hope.


My 50-year battle with dyslexia took me to the brink of despair and yet, surprisingly, became my greatest gift. Discover secrets, rejection, love, loss and desperation, but also resilience and strength, as I develop coping strategies and a steely determination which, finally, releases me from the darkness of the void. An affinity with nature and my love for trees become my ultimate saviour. When I discover my ability to harness their immense power and positivity, I find courage and, to my complete surprise, cannot contain the overwhelming urge to write a novel.

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The Swing forms the centerpiece of a passionate love affair between Peter and Charlotte. A place of solace but also sadness, the swing witnesses their deep and sometimes turbulent relationship and offers ultimate freedom.

A lovely open page journal for noting your experiences with nature, out in the field.

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Interview with Steve Weber on the American Morning Gumption Show


'A truly moving account of a man's struggle with life and his amazing determination to succeed'

Georgina Howard

Author of 'Breaking The Language Barrier'

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