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Many people ask me why I chose to write romance? My straightforward answer is, I didn't. It chose me.


My Grandparents died within days of each other at the ages of 100 & 97. They had been married for 74 years and observing them, I realised that romance is life itself! 

Romance is exciting with highs, lows, challenges and joys. Who enjoys reading romance where everything runs smoothly? 

I'm a romantic, I can't get away from that, so instead of holding it back and trying to be a 'man', I'm a man letting everything out onto the page.

Interesting Facts

I'm dyslexic. I can't write with a pen and I'd never read a novel before writing one.

Every time I write 1000 words I punch the air, no matter where I am. I've done it on a plane, in a busy hotel lobby and a park bench flanked by two bewildered old ladies!

I never write from the start of the book. I usually have an important scene in my head, which could be in the middle or even the end.

A tree saved my life!

More detail can be found in my memoir The Void Between Words.

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