The Void Between Words
The Voids Between Words

This is the true story of a northern working-class boy growing up in the 70's & 80's. 

Shame and inadequacy were an intrinsic part of his struggle with undiagnosed dyslexia. Self-doubt and insecurity cast long shadows over the boy with a bright, inquisitive but misunderstood mind.

John's fear of words and the gut-wrenching anxiety produced by having to read and write prove a recipe for academic disaster. The taunts of his classmates increase his anxiety and, when faced with a written passage in class, he is filled with complete fear. The white spaces between the words seem easier to interpret than the words themselves, and these voids become a trance-like space, offering him a world of escape and adventure where – finally – he can let his mind free. But they also become the gateway to a terrifying endless pit, where he risks disappearing into insignificance altogether.

The Swing

A modern-day romance which crosses the class divide. Peter and Charlotte have both suffered great losses and, when two lonely lives meet under surprising circumstances, their relationship grows into a deep romance with passion, love and obvious differences.

The Boathouse

A truly romantic adventure with a twist.

Set over three novels, The Boathouse sees many owners, but only one person can unlock its secret.