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Spicy Romance Books

No-Nonsense 5 Step Guide To Forest Bathing & Natural Energy



This easy to follow 5 step guide enables you to establish where, what and when is perfect for you, so that you can waste no time and start connecting with nature right away. With over 40 years of hands on experience working and living with trees, the author not only understands their immense power, but understands your potential too.


With his confidence, compassion and honesty, he shares his in-depth knowledge with you, so that you can reduce stress, improve health and live the life you deserve. 


“Choosing this book means you are already 80% towards making change. That’s amazing. The rest is actually quite easy if you allow your mind to be open and free.

My goal in writing this book is to help you grasp the basics of well-being and natural energy by removing any confusion and complexity. Come with me into the forest and not only make incredible mindset changes but also fully understand your true purpose in life and how to live a better life. Allow your senses to come alive as you absorb the sights, sounds, smells and change your life forever. It’s easy” J A Crawshaw.



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