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Spicy Romance Books

The Swing



Passionate, thrilling page turner with twists, turns & spice.

#1 In the 3 Part 'Life Changing Fiction' series.

Love across the class divide was never going to be easy. All Charlotte craves is a simple life, far from the routines of motherhood and the responsibilities of a vast, early inheritance. But, of course, for people of her standing, that was out of the question. A chance meeting with Peter, a handsome, rugged Yorkshireman, brings a grounded earthiness and deep love that she never thought was possible. Unlikely kindred spirits, they become inseparable and, as their steamy and passionate love affair evolves, so do the prejudices of the people around them. Will class differences, fickle friends, and deception finally force them apart, or will Charlotte free herself from her destiny to allow true love to win through? The swing is her sanctuary, but also the gateway to ultimate freedom.



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