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Spicy Romance Books

The Void Between Words



A gripping true story of a boy with a misunderstood mind but a gritty determination to succeed. Delve deep into the place which held him prisoner for over 50 years and follow his captivating journey of resilience, self-worth, and devastating blows to face his greatest fear and eventually set himself free. Humorous, heart-wrenching and brutally honest, he now wants to help others find their true potential in life, fight their inner demons and set themselves free in a celebration of all that is possible. You can be proud of yourself by just being you and realise that you are worthy of a healthy and fulfilling life.

An inspiration for anyone who wants to change their thinking, improve their lives and follow their dreams.

'Every so often there is a book that punches you in the gut with its honesty and realism. This was one of those. A captivating account of JA’s struggles growing up with dyslexia in the 70s and 80s. This is not just the usual description of how children struggle with dyslexia. It is a remarkable tale of resilience and of posttraumatic growth. This is the story of one of those kids who was “different” at school, and unravels the reasons behind why those children might be quiet or reserved in the classroom. It is the biography of one man’s ability to find peace in himself after trauma and how, through a fabulous bond with nature, he was able to find freedom in words and to conquer childhood adversity.'
Anna Scarna. Oxford University



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